Environmental testing


IASELAB has 4 climatic test chambers and one oven for several test and for a large products, system and material tipologies. The main characteristics of the chambers are listed below:



  • 270*330*280(h)cm - 25m³
  • Door: 110*230cm (porthole 40*40cm)
  • Diameter Crossing hall: 100mm
  • Internal power supply system

-30°C/+70°C (1°C/min on all range of temperature). Range shall be extend up to +80°C for 8h-10h period f time at max

10-95Rh% ±3% with limit of dew point +2°C



  • 140*92*85(h)cm - 1,1m³
  • Door: 140*85cm (porthole 30*30cm)
  • Diameter 2 crossing holes: 2*55mm

-40°C/+180°C (2°C/min on all range of temperature)

10-95Rh% ±3% with limit of dew point +2°C



  • 120*100*200(h)cm - 2,2m³
  • Door: 80*190cm (porthole 30*30cm)
  • Diameter Crossing hole: 85mm

-30°C/+70°C (2°C/min up and down on all range of temperature). Range shall be extend up to -35°C/+80°C for 8h-10h period of time at max

10-95Rh% ±3% with limit of dew point +2°C

OVEN G2100-180L


  • (600*500*600)mm – 180 liters
  • 2 internal shelves
  • Door with porthole and internal light
  • Diameter Crossing hall 3 38mm
Up to 300°C (350°C short time period)
Forced internal ventilation for temperature uniformity
Forced external ventilation for accelerated cooling

Short programmable thermal cycles

All systems are managed by electronic digital programmer and dedicated SW for the programming and monitoring of whichever climatic cycle.
chamber is used for simulated Solar radiation at ground level testing on apparatuses of big dimensions. IASELAB Srl in collaborations with other laboratories provides other type of environmental testing such as thermal shock and other kind of climatic testing 


IASELAB Srl has a combined climatic and dynamic test system using climatic test chamber and vibrating system with a new generation CRYSTAL control .

The Expander fixed to the shaker allows to have available 500mm * 500mm fixing surface for the objects to be tested, in a 600 liters volume climatic test chamber

In addition to main basic tests (given below), the versatility of the controller management software allows to produce test profiles according to the different requirements, obviously within system performance limits, which are also reported below.

EN 60068-2-53 is the combined climatic and dynamic testing reference standard, but we can perform tests according to different automotive specifications and more.

We can design and build DEDICATED FIXTURE for different types of products, in order to correctly fit the test sample to expander.

Climatic test chamber main feature

  • Model Angelantoni AV 600 C5
  • Temperature range: -75°C ÷ +180°C - gradient 5°C/min
  • Humidity range: 10%rH ÷ 95%rH (±3/5%rH)
  • Internal dimensions: 850*740*970 mm (600 liters)
  • Max internal heat dissipation: 5,5 KW

The climatic test chamber can be used in combination with the vibrating test system or separately to extend and complete laboratory climatic testing.

System vibration main feature

  • Sinusoidal force: 10kN
  • Random force: 10kN
  • Shock/bump force semi sine: 20kN
  • Frequency range: 5 to 3500hz
  • Peak sinusoidal acceleration: 98g
  • Displacement: 51 mm.p.p.
  • Velocity: 2 m/s
  • CRYSTAL-SPIDER last generation Control System
  • Customized fixture for several test type


IASELAB Srl use a LDS vibrating system for test on several kind of apparatus (big dimension and weight too).

In addition to the main basis standard test listed below, for versatility of the management software of the controller (Dactron) we are able to project test profiles according to particular requirements , within the limits of system performance, also shows below.
For example, we perform tests according to EN 61373, EN 50155, EN 50125-3 for Railway environment, testing according to the big family of Environmental Parameters (EN 60721-xx), testing according to Seismic type tests (EN 60068 -3-3) and many other standards and specifications in the Automotive environment, etc..
We are able to design and implement customized fixtures to the different kinds of product, so as to fit exactly the tested sample to different EXPANDER and SLIP TABLE.

Main basis standard test performed

  • Sine Mechanical vibration according to EN 60068-2-6 standard.
  • Broad Band Mechanical vibration according to EN 60068-2-64 standard
  • Shock and Bump mechanical vibration according to EN 60068-2-27 standard

System vibration main feature

  • System with horizontal  “slip table”  (600mm*600mm)
  • Sinusoidal Force: 22.2kN
  • Random Force: 22.2kN
  • Shock/Sine/semi-Sine Force: 66.7kN
  • Frequency range: dc to 3000hz
  • Peak sinusoidal acceleration: 90g
  • Random acceleration rms: 50g
  • Displacement: 50 mm p.p.
  • Velocity: 2 m/s
  • Most recently Control system LDS-DACTRON
  • Customized fixture for several test type


Check of degrees of protection provided by enclosures according to EN 60529 (IP code)

IP Code table taken out from EN 60529 standard


UV radiation system with XENON lamps for accelerated light stability on plastic specimen, paints, cosmetics, electronic components: UNI ISO 1297, 4049, 4892-1, 7491, 11431, 11979, ASTM…

The system is equipped of "screen window" for the filtration of determined wavelengths. Internal temperature control system.

Radiation test system with XENON lamps
(test for dimension of samples up to 1100 cm2)

Accelerated light stability testing on plastic specimen, paints, cosmetics, textiles, electronic components.
The system is equipped of "screen window" for the filtration of determined wavelengths. Internal temperature control system. Radiation test system right for equipment of medium dimensions too.
Accelerated light stability testing and “bad weather” endurance testing of materials according to the most important standard:
  • UNI ISO 1297, UNI ISO 4049, UNI ISO 4892-1, UNI ISO 7491, UNI ISO 11431, UNI ISO 11979.
  • ASTM D 3424, ASTM D 5071, ASTM G 151 e ASTM G 155.
  • ISO 4892-2, ISO 4049, ISO 7491, ISO 11341, ISO 11979-5.
  • EN ISO 15187.
  • Qualicoat, EPA E896, ICH Q1B
Automatic power radiation control, automatic temperature control, flooding system for the simulation of the “rain” environmental condition, several UV filters (included WINDOWS GLASS).

UV-A and UV-B Radiation test system (fluorescent lamps) (For a range of different dimensions)

Accelerated weathering tester equipped with system humidity simulation, condensation system, water spray system, temperature and irradiance control. This QUV/spray tester is equipped with new water re-purification system. This system re-circulates and re-purifies the spray water instead of letting of letting it go down the drain. QUV radiation test system is equipped with ISO calibration system (CR-10 radiometer)
High irradiance cyclic solar simulation testing on several materials: coatings, textiles, printing inks, plastics, roofing etc.. according to the most important test Standard like:

  • ISO 4892-2, ASTM G-151, ASTM G-154, BS 2782, SAE J2020, JIS D 0205
  • ISO 11507, ISO 20340, ASTM D-3794, ASTM D-4587, JIS K 5600-7-8,
  • NISSAN M0007, Korean Standard M5982-1990, Spanish Std, UNE 104-281-88, Israeli Standard No.330 – 385 – 935 – 1086.
  • US Government FED-STD-141B, US Government Federal specification TT-E-489H/527D/529G, US Government Federal specification TT-P-19D
  • NACE Standard TM-01-84, GM4367M, GM9125P, MS 133 Part F16, prEN 927-6
  • AATCC Test Method 186, ACFFA Test Method for colourfastness of Vinyl Coated polyester fabrics, ASTM F1945.
  • ASTM C 1501, ASTM C-1184, ASTM C-1442, ASTM D-904, ASTM D-5215, Spanish Std. UNE 104-281-88, American Plywood Assn.
  • ISO 4892 plastics, DIN 53 384, Spanish Standard UNE 53.104, Israeli Standard No. 385, JIS K 7350, ASTM K 7350, ASTM D-1248, ASTM D-4329, ASTM D-4674, ASTM D-5208, ASTM D-6662, ANSI C57.12.28, ANSI A14.5.
British Standard BS 903, CGSB-37.54-M, DIN EN 534, EOTA TR 010, RMA Specification for reinforced Non-vulcanized CPS for Roofing Membrane, ASTM D-4799, ASTM D-4811, ASTM D-3105, ASTM D-4434, ASTM D-5019, ANSI/RMA IPR-1-1990, ANSI/RMA IPR-2-1990, ANSI/RMA IPR-5-1990, ANSI/RMA IPR-6-1990.

Radiation test system (UV/VIS/IR) with HYBRID lamps (for complete equipment)

UV/VIS/IR radiation system with hybrid lamps for accelerated light stability, photo-degradation and accelerated aging. Light simulation in climatic chamber with control of temperature (25°C÷70°) and humidity
Total irradiance of illuminating system 1120W/m2 (±10%) and radiation surface of 1,3 m2 (1000*1300 mm).

Example of applicable Standard:
• EN 60068-2-5, EN 60068-2-9, EN 61345
• DIN 75220, MIL-STD-810E

Radiation test system with DOUBLE XENON lamps (for complete equipment even medium-large dimension)

Possibility of placing the simulation system in climatic cell (control of temperature and humidity) without the use of condensation or rain, for devices that require a radiating surface up to 900mm * 600mm.

UV radiation test system with XENON lamps (testing surface 450mm*720mm)

Light resistance testing (accelerated light stability) of specimens and samples of different materials and types (see standard listed below).
System is equipped with the temperature and humidity control of the test chamber (combined chiller), Black Panel temperature control and energy control (W / m2 or MJ). Equipped with spray system and different types of filters to simulate outdoor and indoor environments (WINDOWS Q, FILTER GLASS WINDOWS, DAYLIGHT Q, DAYLIGHT F).

Executable standard:
    EN 60068-2-5, IEC 68-2-9, ASTM G155, ASTM G151, MIL-STD-810G

    SAE J2412 (Ford, General Motors), PV 1306 (Volkswagen), PV 3929 (Volkswagen), PV 3930 (Volkswagen), GMW 14162 (General Motors),GME 60292 (GM Opal), PF-1 1365 (Chrysler), VDA 75202 (BMW), 105-B06 (Porsche) DBL 5555 (Daimler) DIN 75202 (Porsche, Daimler), 50451 (Fiat), FLTM EU BO 050-1 (Ford), GMW 14660 (General Motors), ISO 4892-2 (General Motors, Porsche), GMW 14170 (General Motors), DBL 7399 (Daimler), HES D6601 (Honda), JIS D0205 (Japan Autospec), ISO 11341 (International), ISO 4892-2 (International), ASTM D7356 (International), ISO 105 B10 (International)

    ASTM D4434, ASTM D4637, ASTM D4798, ASTM D4811, ASTM D5019, ASTM D6083

    ASTM C1442, ASTM C1519, ASTM C1251, ASTM C1501, ASTM C1184

    ASTM D904, ASTM C1442, ASTM C1501

    ISO 11798, ISO 12040, ISO 18909, ASTM D3424, ASTM D4303, ASTM D5010, ASTM D6901, ASTM F2366, GB/T 22771, ASTM D551

    AATCC TM 16 AATCC TM 169, Adidas TM 5.11, GB/T 8427, GB/T 8430, GB/T 14576, IS: 2454, ISO 105-B02, ISO 105-B04, ISO 105-B06, M & S C9, M & S C9A, CPAI-84, ASTM D4355

    ISO 11341 ASTM D3451 ASTM D3794, ASTM D6577, ASTM D6695, GB 1865, MIL-A-8625-F, MIL-P-14105-D, JIS K 5600-7-7, MPI: #113, MS 133: Part F14, GB/T 5237.4, IRAM 1109-B14:2008, JDQ-533, #85 FMR

    ISO 4892-2, JIS K 7350-2, DIN EN 513, ASTM D1248, ASTM D2565, ASTM D4101, EH-438-2, ASTM D4459, ASTM D5071, ASTM D6662, UL 1581, GB/T 16422.2, GB/T 15102

    ISO 3865, ISO4665, GB/T 3511

    Boots, Colipa Guideline, FDA PartIII, ICH Guideline.


Color degradation and performance testing by Sphere Spectrophotometer on a wide range of materials, such as paper, paint, plastics, and textiles. 
Absolute and relative measurements are obtain for the following colorimetric system:

  • L*a*b*, DL*Da*Db·, L*C*h*, DL·DC*DH*, DE*ab, DAECM, DE CIE94, XYZ, Whiteness and  Yellowness for ASTM E313-98.


Measurement by photo-radiometer with interchanging probes:

  • Total effective Irradiance (to 2000W/m2 - from 280nm to 2200nm or 2800@50%)
  • Luminance (0÷200.000 lux)


  • Noise level measurement dB(A) in residential, commercial and industrial environments
  • Evaluation of noising emission according to Machine Directive for equipment and installation
  • Evaluation of effectiveness soundproofing

Analyses and studies are performed by specialist-accredited laboratory


Test di nebbia salina ciclica e stazionaria (salt spray – soak mode).
Polvere e sabbia.

Applicable corrosion standard

  • ASTM B117 - ASTM B287 - ASTM B368
  • ASTM D1141- ASTM D1193 - ASTM D1735
  • ASTM D1748 - ASTM D2247 - ASTM G43
  • ASTM G85 - ASTM G5894
  • 50180 method A1 - 50180 method A2 - 50180 method A3
  • AS 2331 method 3.1 - AS 2331 method 3.2
  • AS 2331 method 3.3 - BS 2011 Part2.1 Ka
  • BS 2011 Part2.1 Kb - BS 3900 Part F2
  • BS 3900 Part F4 - BS 3900 Part F12 - BS 5466 Part 1
  • BS 5466 Part 2 - BS 5466 Part 3 - BS 7479
  • BS EN ISO 7253 / BS EN 60068-2-11 / BS EN 60068-2-52 
  • CCT-1 / CCT-2 / CCT-4 
  • D17 1058 - D17 2028
  • DEF STAN 00-35 Pt 3 CN2
  • DEF STAN 133 method 14
  • DEF STAN 1053 method 24
  • DEF STAN 1053 method 36
  • Denso Horizontal Mistspray
  • DIN 50 014 - DIN 50 017 - DIN 50 021-SS
  • DIN 50 021-ESS / DIN 50 021-CASS
  • ECC-1 / FLTM BI 103-01
  • GM4298P - GM4465P - GM9540P
  • IEC 68-2-11 Pt 2 -Test Ka
  • IEC 68-2-52 Pt 2 -Test Kb
  • IEC 60068-2-11 Test Ka 
  • IEC 60068-2-52 Test Kb
  • ISO 3768 - ISO 3769 - ISO 3770 
  • ISO 7253 - ISO 9227 
  • ISO 11997 Part 1 - ISO 14993
  • JASO M 609 - JASO M 610 - JIS H 8502
  • JIS Z 2371 - JNS 30.16.03 -MIL-STD-202
  • MIL-STD-750 / MIL-STD-810 / NFX 41-002
  • P-VW 1200 / P-VW 1209 / P-VW 1210
  • RES.30.CT.117 - RES.30.CT.119 - RES.30.CT.900
  • RTCA/DO-160 Section 14
  • SAE J 2334 - STD1027, 14 - STD1027, 1375
  • VDA 621-415 / VDA 621-421
  • VG 95 210 method 101C